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Issue #14: Spring 2020  May 1, 2020 
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International Laws pertaining to the Collection, Import, Export and Sale of Fossil Material

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences is offering a reference of International Fossil Laws for Academic and Independent Paleontologists, as well as students and fossil enthusiasts. The list below contains countries where paleontological material has been found, including micro fossils, plant, invertebrate and vertebrate specimens. Not only will there be a synopsis of the country's collecting laws, but reference to legal ownership and sales, as well as export regulations. This page will be updated on a regular basis, and we hope that if anyone learns of new laws or changes to existing laws that you will contact our administrative office so that the pages can be kept current.

The goal here is education and the end to the hearsay that has clouded the collection, sale and ownership of all types of paleontological material.

This index is provided as an information guide only. They are not a full and authoritative statement of the law and do not constitute professional or legal advice. Always check the current laws, statutes and guidelines before importing or exporting any paleontological objects. New Countires will be added as documantation is verified.

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