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Issue #19: Winter 2024  February 10, 2024 
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The "Contributions" section is designed for peer-reviewed, professional scientific papers on original research in the field of paleontology. These include traditional papers on publicly-held fossil specimens and rarely published papers on privately-held fossil specimens (with strict guidelines). Research papers go through a stringent, peer review process (just like other professional journals) to ensure quality, accuracy and proper scientific methodology.

Please click on contribution title in the table below to read the selected article in PDF format. If your browser has any problems opening the chosen document, please right click on the link, and "Save Document as..." to your computer, and then try opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Title of ArticleAuthors' NamesJPS Reference Number
Volume 10, 2022

Consuming Viscera: Tyrannosaurus rex and Preferential Organ Feeding.

Don Arp, Jr JPS.C.2022.0002
Occurrence of Mosasaurus hoffmannii Mantell, 1829 (Squamata, Mosasauridae) in the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco. Trevor H. Rempert
Alexander P.M. Vinkeles Melchers
Ashley N. Rempert
Muhammad R. Haque
Andrew R. Armstrong
Volume 9, 2021
The Cave Bears From Sambughetto Valstrona (Piedmont, Northern Italy) Revisited. New Data On The Teeth And Metapodia Iindices With Observations On The Evolutionary Step. Sonia Gaetani
Alessandro Podenzani
Mario Rossi
Giuseppe Santi

The Paleontology, Geology and Taphonomy of the Tooth Draw Deposit; Hell Creek Formation (Maastrictian), Butte County, South Dakota.

Walter W. Stein JPS.C.2021.0001
Volume 8, 2019

Revision of tyrannosaurid specimen census and comments on dinosaur biostratigraphy. Comment on: TAKING COUNT: A Census of Dinosaur Fossils Recovered From the Hell Creek and Lance Formations (Maastrichtian).

Chan-gyu Yun JPS.C.2019.03
The Misty Method: A new technique to improve and increase the efficiency of airscribes in matrix removal. Misty Haji-Sheikh and Virginia L. Naples JPS.C.2019.02
TAKING COUNT: A Census of Dinosaur Fossils Recovered From the Hell Creek and Lance Formations (Maastrichtian). Walter W. Stein JPS.C.2019.01a
Volume 7, 2017

A Note on the Occurrence of an Upper Cretaceous Ichthyosauromorph Tooth, From West Texas.

Nathan E. Van Vranken JPS.C.2017.02

Testing The Hypotheses Of The Origen OF Tyrannosaurus Rex: Immigrant Species, Or Native Species?

Chan-gyu Yun JPS.C.2017.01
Volume 6, 2014

"Bizarre Structures" Point to Dromaeosaurs as Parasites and a New Theory for the Origin of Avian Flight.

Garnet Fraser JPS.C.14.01
Volume 4, 2012

"The Late Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Cephalopod Fauna of the Coon Creek Formation at the Type Locality"
Low Resolution Plates (72 dpi)
High Resolution Plates (300 dpi)

Neal L. Larson JPS.C.12.01
Volume 2, 2010
"Preliminary Notes on the First Recorded Amber Insects from the Hell Creek Formation" Robert DePalma
Frederich Cichocki
Manuel Dierick
Robert Feeney
Volume 1, 2007

"How to Make a Fossil: Part 2 - Dinosaur Mummies and Other Soft Tissue"

Kenneth Carpenter Ph.D JPS.C.07.0002

"How to Make a Fossil: Part 1 - Fossilizing Bone"

Kenneth Carpenter Ph.D JPS.C.07.0001

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