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Issue #12: Winter 2019  January 1, 2019 
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Wednesday April 22, 2015 - AAPS posts the list of states banning the sale, barter and trade of fossil ivory. For more information, visit:

Tuesday April 21, 2015 - William "Bill" A. Cobban, one of the most highly respected and published geologist/paleontologists passed away this morning. His obituary is posted here;

Friday April 17, 2015 - The Department of Agriclulture, is implementing regulations under the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 paleontological resources preservation subtitle (the Act), effective May 15. The new rule furter resticst "Casual Collecting", limiting what fossil invertebrate and plant material can be collected on Forrest Service Land. See the full article here, According to Glade Gunther, "Worst thing that has ever happened to novice and amateur paleontologists in this country."

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